37th Belgrade Jazz Festival 2020

37th Belgrade Jazz Festival 2020

37th Belgrade Jazz Festival 2020

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27. 10. 2021. - Americana Hall DOB 22.30

The management reserves the right to change the program or timetable due to the epidemiological situation and measures at any given point during the Festival. Please, check the program and schedule on the day of the concert at www.bjf.rs and www.domomladine.org

Peđa Milutinović – drums
Luka Ignjatović – alto saxophone
Stevan Milijanović – keyboards
Bojan Cvetković – keyboards
Luka Malko – guitar
Akoš Forgač – bass

Drummer and composer Peđa Milutinovic was born in Kragujevac, active on the Belgrade jazz scene since 2010 as one of the great heroes of the famous club “The Waiting Room”
on the seventh floor of BIGZ. From 2012, he played in the VH Band, and in 2014, he participated in Maks Kočetov’s debut album 13:30. The Avenija trio is a result of hanging
out with David Binney at the 2014 Belgrade Jazz Festival and the influential QZAMA Quartet is a result of jamming in The Waiting Room with Luka Ignjatović, Filip Bulatović
and Pera Krstajić. When the latter two went to the USA, Ignjatović and Milutinović formed the Schime Trio with Boris Šainović (two albums), reaching the finals of the
Euroradio Jazz Competition at the Jazz In Marciac festival, performing twice at the Festival in Moers (Germany), and receiving accolades in DownBeat and All About Jazz – all
in one day!

In the spring of 2020, Milutinović released his first solo album Veritas Vincit with drumbooty (David Binney, Petar Krstajić, Luka Ignjatović, Ilija Nikolić, and guests from
the USA and Serbia), for the American record label Orenda Records. He also leads the cross-over band Kablovi, with producer MKDSL, combining jazz, rave, psychedelia and
punk rock. Main collaborations (besides the mentioned ones): Matija Dedić, Jure Pukl, Melissa Aldana, Julien Lourau, Bojan Z, Sofija Knežević, Dušan Jevtović, Sanja Marković,
among others.