37th Belgrade Jazz Festival 2020

37th Belgrade Jazz Festival 2020

37th Belgrade Jazz Festival 2020

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Itamar Borochov Quartet

30. 10. 2021. - Americana Hall DOB 22.30

The management reserves the right to change the program or timetable due to the epidemiological situation and measures at any given point during the Festival. Please, check the program and schedule on the day of the concert at www.bjf.rs and www.domomladine.org

Itamar Borochov – trumpet, vocals
Alessandro Lanzoni – piano
Cedric Raymond – bass
Jay Sawyer – drums

Raised in the cosmopolitan port city of Jaffa, trumpeter and composer Itamar Borochov brings the sacred sounds of his upbringing to a jazz quartet setting. He first heard Sephardic music in his local synagogue and absorbed these modes (maqams) of the Middle East and North Africa alongside a range of other musical influences, including the Mizrahi and Ashkenazi Jews from his immediate surroundings since birth. He began playing the trumpet at the age of eleven. Inspired by the jazz trumpet lineage of Satchmo, Clark Terry, Miles, Dorham, Morgan, and Booker Little to Wynton Marsalis, he cites the influence of saxophonist Ben Webster for his firm, yet wistful and warm airy tone. Itamar’s music today is a combination of various influences, building a bridge between the Middle East and modal jazz.

He released three albums as a leader, as well as another three with the Yemen Blues band. He performed on four continents and took part in the Jazzahead! showcase programs 2017 and Womax 2019. His latest release Blue Nights (2019) is a multicultural celebration of enchanting lyricism, exotic motifs, anthemic structures and virtuoso expression. This year, he premiered his Emergence suite for jazz quartet and string orchestra, as well as recorded “All You Shining Stars” written especially for him and the string septet by Shanan Estreicher. He won the LetterOne ‘Rising Stars’ Jazz Award for 2020.