37th Belgrade Jazz Festival 2020

37th Belgrade Jazz Festival 2020

37th Belgrade Jazz Festival 2020

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FMU Jazz Octet & Special guests:
MING vocal quartet

31. 10. 2021. - Kombank Hall 19.00

The management reserves the right to change the program or timetable due to the epidemiological situation and measures at any given point during the Festival. Please, check the program and schedule on the day of the concert at www.bjf.rs and www.domomladine.org


Novak Mijović – trumpet
Luka Ignjatović – alto saxophone
Oliver Đurković – tenor saxophone
Kosta Vukašinović – trombone
Rastko Obradović – baritone saxophone
Bojan Cvetković – piano
David Gegić – double bass
Miloš Grbatinić – drums
Vladimir Nikolov – conductor


Specijalni gosti: Vokalni kvartet MING

Milica Dobrić – vocals
Ivana Dimitrijević – vocals
Nataša Pejčić – vocals
Gorica Šutić – vocals

Faculty of Music at the University of Arts in Belgrade was founded as Music Academy in 1937 with seven departments, and to this day, it has grown into an institution that organizes undergraduate studies at thirteen departments. Starting from 2011/2012, the Faculty of Music has participated in the TEMPUS project introducing interdisciplinary music studies in Western Balkans countries according to European standards. The project enabled the forming of the Department of Jazz and Popular Music (2012) after decades of efforts. The Department staff consists of Vladimir Nikolov (Head of Department), Aleksandar Cvetković (Head of Module), Luka Ignjatović, Dragan Ćalina, Vesna Petković, Novak Mijović, Vanja Kevrešan, Sava Miletić, Ivan Ilić, Milan Nikolić and Anđelko Stupar. This project brought many notable jazz artists as visiting lecturers to Belgrade, such as Jonathan Kreisberg, Bojan Zulfikarpašić, Michele Hendricks, Simon Rigter, Stjepko Gut, Christine and Ingrid Jensen.

After numerous performances on side programs, the Faculty of Music jazz department presents itself for the first time on the Festival’s main program – in the overture to the concert of the world’s leading composer Maria Schneider. The Departure program consists of songs by students and professors of the department (Bojan Cvetković, Nevena Pejčić, Luka Ignjatović and Vladimir Nikolov), premiered by the FMU jazz octet and MING vocal quartet.